A man purchase 1 Nokia mobile net price 10000 discount 25% than half of the amount cash & half of the amount check?

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A man purchase 1 Nokia mobile net price 10000 discount 25% than half of the amount cash & half o..

Answer / mercy

10000 is the total price.discount is 25% which is equal to
2500.then the net amount is 7500.then cash is 3750 and
cheque is for again 3750.

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A man purchase 1 Nokia mobile net price 10000 discount 25% than half of the amount cash & half o..

Answer / .

Since it is already mentioned as "NET" price the total cost
(after deducting the discount and all) of the mobile is
10,000/-. He will pay 5,000/- in cash and 5,000/- in cheque.

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