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schneider electric india placement procedure

schneider electric india placement procedure..

Answer / rahul kolhe

schneider electric had come to my college VJTI , matunga ,mumbai on 14th
september 2011 ..package offered was 4.75 lpa ctc the selection procedure
was as follows ...

1.technical+analytical aptitude : apti consisted of total 60 questions
divide in 2 sections ... 30 questions in technical (electronics) and 30
questionjs in analytical (quant +DI+logic) .... TIME alloted was 60
minutes.. technical questions were related to topics like .. control
systems , OP-AMPS , zener diode,transistors etc . ..... analytical part was
difficult and lengthy ... questions were of cat level .. ..der were
questions on data interpretation , logical puzzles , and quant problems ..

2. 2nd round was GD ( group discussions) .... the topic given was "business
ethics in corporate world a passing fad " .....
time alloted for GD was 15 minutes ..

3. 3rd round was technical interview ... questions asked wer
a) draw j-k flip flop ,s-r flip using nand gates , draw truth table and
explain in detail , explain race around condition , explain differnce
between race condition and race aroun condition .
b) explain bridge wave rectifier .. draw its circuit diagram ,waveforms
,..... apply a filter to the output of rectifier and den draw the outputs
c) explain K- maps in detail ... told me to draw a k-map for a truth table
d) wat r the different types of semiconductor memories , explain
difference between volatile and non volatile memories ..
e) wat is the differnce between digital and analog signal .. asked wether
DC signal is digital or analog .

4. 4th round was HR interview :

a) tell me about yourself ?
b) wat do you know abt schneider electric ?
c) wat are the different ways in whch you can manage energy ??
d)a problem statement was given related to energy management .. i was asked
to provide the solution ..
e)are uyou flexible to work any where in india ??

at the end of the day i was happy to be selected in schneider electric
india along with 3 other ppl frm electronics and 2 ppl frm electricals !!

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