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stock split

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stock split..

Answer / satishkandukuri

A stock split or stock divide increases the number of shares
in a public company. The price is adjusted such that the
before and after market capitalization of the company remains
the same

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stock split..

Answer / vinay kumar darsi

stock split means dividing one share into parts.this is done just to increase number of the same time price also divided but there is no change in mkt capitalization

For example, assume that XYZ Corp. has 20 million shares outstanding and the shares are trading at $100, which would give it a $2 billion market capitalization. The company’s board of directors decides to split the stock 2-for-1. Right after the split takes effect, the number of shares outstanding would double to 40 million, while the share price would be $50, leaving the market cap unchanged at $2 billion.

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stock split..

Answer / naveen

Stock split means increasing or decreasing the share price of company without effecting the market capitalizing.We have two types of stock split forward and reversal stock split

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stock split..

Answer / anand swarup

stock split is corporate action. stock split means dividing one share in two parts.increase the outstanding shares decrease the market value and par value with out any changes in market capitalization.

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stock split..

Answer / bhupender janmejai

A stock split is where a publicly traded company increases the number of shares available to be purchased. A stock split does not alter the market capitalization of the company, so the stock price must be adjusted accordingly.

As a stock split lowers the stock price, it would ultimately make the stock more attractive to a wider group of investors. Prior to a split a stock may not have been affordable for many, whereas after, it may be.

A stock split is often seen a positive sign that a company is growing and is likely to continue to grow. As a result a company's stock price often increases after a split.

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