What is Normal Loss? and What is the reason for Debiting such Loss in P&L account and also Crediting in Trading Account? and how the Loss should be accounted?

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what is the meaning of revenue income and revenue expenditure

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If We Paid 15000/- For Advertising Exp To XYZ Co,What IS The Entry And In which Ledger It Entered? Is It Necessanry To Make 2nd Entry? Plz Discribe All.

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Pls.tell me related purchase orders.

1 Answers   ABC,

What are the expenses comes uner direct exp

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Explain about the accounting software "SAP" and discuss its advantanges.

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X of Kolkata sends out goods costing 300,000 to Y of Mumbai at cost + 25%. Consignor’s expenses Rs 5000. 1/10th of the goods were lost in transit. Insurance claim received Rs 3000. The net loss on account of abnormal loss is (a) Rs.27,500 (b) Rs.25,500 (c) Rs.30.500 (d) Rs.27,000

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What is the diffrence between General Exp. & Misc. Exp?

5 Answers   Tata Steel Limited,

what diff, between companay balance sheet and indivisual balance sheet?

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6, state with reasons wheather the following items are capital expenditure or revenue expenditure i, A factory building was constructed at a cost rs 1500000 a sum of rs 64000 were incurred for the construction of huts for storing building materials ii, rs 5000 paid for removal of stock to a new site iii, expenses incurred in connection with obtaining a license to start the business were rs 15000

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R2R profile required which kinds of work in accounting ?

1 Answers   Accenture,

What is the purpose of preparing a bank reconciliation and why is it necessary?

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What is suspence a\c? why it should not transferred to the balance sheet?

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