What is Normal Loss? and What is the reason for Debiting such Loss in P&L account and also Crediting in Trading Account? and how the Loss should be accounted?

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what is cash on account?

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Explain the methods of Accounting?

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why net profit add in capital in balance sheet

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What is the method to determine / set the credit limit for the customer ?

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tion betweeninradius and circumradius of an equilateral triangle?

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What is basic difference between loan and investment?

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How to pass advance entry in tally, and how it should adjust against future invoice.?

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if sale is rs 500000 lac and book profit is around 40000 thousand, what is the procedure to pay salary to working partner.should is pay as per deed or should i go with slab in which i can pay 90% of book profit as salary

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Dear Sir I had already export to dubai. now I am to know that can I enter this sale entry in RG1. pls guide me.

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how to maintain the books of accounts in the organization

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1)Why closing stock or stock always a positive balance is any reason for? 2)if i am working in IT company what is my Accrual?

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what do you maen by Expected rate of return ? Is there any formula for expected rate of return? what is systematic & unsystematic risk ? how to calculate both the risk?

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