What is Normal Loss? and What is the reason for Debiting such Loss in P&L account and also Crediting in Trading Account? and how the Loss should be accounted?

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My question is that can i taken input credit of service tax of telephone bill & courier bill & labour contractore bills in exemption Area.

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how many times we can deposit the old currency in one a/c in the bank

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what is depreciation ? and its entries ?

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What is Contigent Libilites

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if a company has opened its new branch in delhi ,so while preparing Balance sheet for that company we will be preparing depreciation chart. So i want to know whether depreciation chart should be prepared as per IT Act or Companies Act?

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which are the final entries while closing of books and account at the end of financial year ?

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are loose tools come under current assets ?

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Give 15 examples for real and nominal accounts

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on 01/04/2009 Goods sold to Mr."A' on Credit at $ 1000. Exchange Rate :- 01/04/2009..........$50.00 at payment Date Exchange Rate :- 01/05/2009..........$48.00 What is Journal Entry..?

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What are the expenses comes uner direct exp

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Mutual Funds

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question paper pattern of factset

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