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financial management

financial management..

Answer / sumitra.raghavan

it is cncrnd with finding sources of fund and application

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why we multiply no. of purchasing year with average profit

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What is accrual accounting?

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sir, some body tell me how i treat the abnormal fire loss stock :-our company suffer a fire loss during goods in transit (goods were hold at warehouse and fire occured) now how i account for the loss and what type of ledger should i create and under which group

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v, An amount spent for inaguration of new factory building is A, revenue expenditure B, capital expenditure c, prepaid expenditure d, none of the above

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previous year tax adjustment (i.e. short/excess provision) on completion of its assessment in current year should be shown in p&l a/c or p&l appro.a/c?

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3 Answers   Accenture,

what is "goodwill" reserve and surplus and reserve with example

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what is mutual funds?

10 Answers   Capital IQ,

dear i want basic a\C's oriented question. these are asking in mostly all mnc companies

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We purchased packing material against H form condition, without Sales Tax, Now against we want issue C form to party with payment of CST 2%, C form issue only Basic amount, or including CST amount?

1 Answers   Wipro,

in tally software, how is the entry for stock brought by owner in to the business as capital?

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How to make calculation of salary for an employee of an Indian company? Please give me an example to understand, also consider all the aspect of salary?

2 Answers   Tally Solutions,