Please send me the real time scenarios in Mainframe
Project... i.e., it may be in banking or insurance sector or
any other no problem..... please send your mails to

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Explain ibm z?

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how can u view a vsam file using file-aid

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What is mainframe application testing?

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What is mainframe computer /system?

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what is the msg id for   OPNQRYF?

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How can we extract data from IMS DB and load it onto oracle database by converting it.Pls someone help me

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pic S9(4) results 3 bytes1 A) comp B) comp1 C) display D) comp3

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IF a file has 10-members how do you process all of them? using CL& USING RPG?

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What is next sentence and continue unique?

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What are the mainframe computing pros and cons?

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how do we prepare test data using file-aid tool?

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