Please send me the real time scenarios in Mainframe
Project... i.e., it may be in banking or insurance sector or
any other no problem..... please send your mails to

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What do you mean by monitor block?

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How do you pass some input from JCL to PL1?

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88 level entry is for

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What is basic difference between directory and pds in ibm mainframe?

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Give me example of Ibm framewoek Application?

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what is the difference between the jes2 and jes3

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how to invoke subprogram in jcl?

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what is u r recent task in insurence project?..plz tell how to tell this.

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have you ever know what is the meaning of Packed Decimal  

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If a gdg contains 20 versions .. how to copy those versions ps?

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can i use abend-aid instead of x-ped ?

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