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i want about business managment

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i want about business managment ..

Answer / guest

any kind of business we can manage it

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i want about business managment ..

Answer / srinath

it means creating money

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Demonstrate how to market a business taking into account the location, marketing mix, product lifestyle, customer needs and relating this to the overall business objectives

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why you want to change the job

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I need the Turn Over Ratio Normally TOR= Cost of sales /Avg Inventory, If i dont have stock (I brought and sold the item once in last 1 yr) in that case what will be my average inventory...

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What challenges do you foresee and how do you plan to overcome these?

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who are the manager of sbi

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what is crocodile marketing?

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define your self

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How do you plan to (a) strengthen your strength ?

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Hi, my name is sai, i attended MBA specialist officers in Catholic Syrian Bank interview on Jan 6th at chennai. Is there any information regarding to preliminary interface results please share with me.

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Do you prefer to work independently or on a team?

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. what are insurance items?

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A. What is the system approach to management? Explain the salient features of this approach. B. Describe various managerial skills briefly. Discuss the roles these skills could play in building an institution.

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