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If I m going to import some material of @ 25000 Rupees/M
Tonn which is the basic price till India arrival from out
side of India then which taxes or duties will include after
arrival and If I will sell it to another body in same state
then which taxes or duties will include and If I will sell
it to another body in different state then wich taxes or
duties will included in the basic price, kindly give me the
correct answer ASAP.


Deepak Prasad

If I m going to import some material of @ 25000 Rupees/M Tonn which is the basic price till India ..

Answer / abhivirthi tax and industrial

While importing goods from other countries, Import Duty or
Customs Duty has to be paid by the importer. The cargo
freight charges for the goods imported from other countries
have to be paid by the importer. In addition to the above,
Storage charges, loading and unloading charges,
documentation charges, weighment charges, fuel charges,
service tax for logististics, etc. have to be paid by the
importer. These expenses and lorry freight will form part
of purchase and the purchase value includes all the above.
Then adding certain percentage of profit sale bill will have
to be raised and Value Added Tax has to be charged on the
whole sale value at appropriate local VAT rate if the sale
is within the State and Central Sales Tax has to be charged
if the goods are sold the the dealers outside the State.

Reply from:

ABHIVIRTHI Tax and Industrial Consultancy
VAT Practitioner and Industrial Consultant
H-63, Palaami Enclave
New Natham Road,
Cell: 9994990599,

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