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Consagous Selection Procedure

Consagous Selection Procedure..

Answer / satya prakash arora

Hiiii Dosto!!!

I 'am Satya Prakash Arora from IPS College of Technology & Management,Gwalior.

I simply want to express my personal experience of getting placed at
Consagous Technologies,to all the freshers who are in search for the job.

On 26th of Apr 2011 there was a campus drive of Consagous Technologies in
our college. That was the third time any software company came to our
college for recruitment. I was very excited at that time.
We already knew that following rounds are going to be held.They were:-
1. PPT Talk (Pre Placement Talk).
2. Written Test
3. Group Discussion
4. Technical Round
5. HR Round

PPT Talk-:
Firstly, they started with a seminar, a small introduction about the
company. It was delivered by young energetic HR Manager of Consagous
Technologies Miss Deepa Khilwani with her 6 team members also.
1st Round Written Test-:
Then as the first round of the placement process, they conducted written
test .Their were totals four sets Set A,Set B ,Set C,Set D.The written test
was fully volunteered by members of the companies. Each set consists of 45
questions and timings was 45mins.
Question Paper was divided into four sections.
1) Aptitude 2) Verbal 3) Logical 4) General Questions Related to Software
Aptitude questions are mainly base on age, mixture allegations.percentage
their were total 12 (aaprox) question .Verbal is too simple contains only 5
-6 questions and then their were 7 questions of LR and remaining is
software engineering.
Times Up... we were submitted our answer sheet and waiting for the results
each and every one was so nervous. After 45 mins result was declared.Their
was total 90 students appeared in written test and 55 among them were
selected and I was one of them.
2nd Group Discussion -:
In every group there was 11 students and in the GD they just gave us the
topics on the current affairs ,like- wikileaks, China is a threat for
Indian IT industry or not,Adult Bollywood movies is good for teenager or
not, And many social issue ..,
Then after half an hour the result of GD was announced , and fortunately I
was selected among the 32 other students.

3rd Technical Round-:

Some question that I remember

1. What the full form of PHP?
Ans: Hypertext Pre-processor (they are mainly judging your confidence level)
2. How we select row from database without redundancies which clause we used?
Ans-: Distinct Clause
3. What is boxing and Unboxing?
Ans-To convert Implicit object into explicit and vice versa I explained it
in well mannered way.
4. How we find System date in .NET?
5. Swap 5 numbers without using 6 variables ?
6. What is Swings in java?

And many more questions related to PHP,.NET and Java etc.
I cleared this round also.
4th Round HR-:

Total 29 students were shortlisted out of 32(approx) . That was the
toughest time ever as my turn came almost in the middle , firstly my name
was announced for the HR round, there when I entered .HR Manger was of
Consagous was there.
Then , they offered me to have a seat, there they asked me about:
1. Introduce Yourself?
2. Tell who is the owner of the company?
3. Go for Development or testing?
4. Why should we hire you.?
5. Tell me your 3 such skills which you can give to our organization.

She was very calm and very good by nature, and they are very supportive
which helped me a lot.

And just after an hour the results had been declared and I got selected,
that was one of the very most important and cherishable moment of my
life.My name was second in the list.

All The Best to all my dear friends , and I wish you a bright future.

And , at last but not the least, I would like to thanks Consagous
Technologies to give me such a big opportunity to prove myself , thank you
so much.

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