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plz give me code or steps for pop up exception.
or can u tell me how to pause test run for defining handler

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Let us assume there is a web-table, In this web table we have no.of Rows and Coloumns , in a Row/Coloumn(like 3*2 i.e 3rd row 2nd coloumn)is a weblist , in this web list we have almost 6links , then we click anylink a new window will activated! How can we write the script for ?? in QTP

1 Answers   Value Labs,

In the flight example flight(select flights) button is recognizing ,it recognizes as object how to gui map configure to button pls explain

2 Answers   Satyam,

how can we make use of virtual object wizard to identify similar object can u explain with an example

2 Answers  

What is the process of file parsing in winrunner?

1 Answers  

What is the use of gui map?

0 Answers  

winrunner supports .NET technology or not?

4 Answers  

how we will create the functions and calls that functions in the main test in winrunner

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hi everyone today is the first time i saw this website,and hi iam siraj,iam very impressed by seeing evryones response towards questions,iam a newcomer and i have got tryining in testing can anyone please send me some projects relaited to testing.i know it is very confidential but still if u send it will a great help. my mail id

3 Answers   Satyam,

can i get apex technologies interview questions in testing

0 Answers  

how can we upload manul test caseses in to test director

1 Answers  

What different actions are performed by find and show button?

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which testcases do u automate?

1 Answers