Give real time examples for polymorphism, encapsulation,

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Give real time examples for polymorphism, encapsulation, inheritance....

Answer / priya pawar

for example a simple project done for inventory control in a
medical shop

inheritance-The properties of one class is derived by
another class
the class which derives the property is called derived class.
The class from which the properties are derived are called
Base class.
ex.The child who derives some behaviors from the parent
ex color,character from parent

polymorphisms-The ability to take more than one forms.
ex.The sum() function can be used to do the following
1.Adds two numbers when integers are passed as parameters
2.Concatenates two strings when strings are passed as

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Give real time examples for polymorphism, encapsulation, inheritance....

Answer / harsh mitha(666)

e.g poly:-making a food;
e.g encapsulation:- A drug(capsule);
e.g inheritance:- son. or you

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