How to pass stored Procedure Parameters to the report?

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How to pass stored Procedure Parameters to the report?..

Answer / elaiyaraja nallathambi

Need to Pass it as an Array so that it allows us to Support
multiple Values and From the Report Side we need to write a
formula to Convert the Array into the Comma Seperated Value.

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How to pass stored Procedure Parameters to the report?..

Answer / hema

Choose File -> Options menu. In the Options dialog box
Click the Database tab and ensure that Stored Procedures is
selected. Selecting "Stored Procedures" automatically
displays any available stored procedures when you log on to
an SQL database.
Click OK to exit the Options dialog box.
On the Start Page, click Blank Report.
Locate and select the SQL Server data source that contains
the stored procedure you want to use.
Click Next to go to the Connection Information dialog box.
Enter the required information to log in.
Click Finish.
Highlight an SQL stored procedure in the Stored Procedures
folder, and click the > arrow to add it to the Selected
Tables list.
The Enter Parameter Values dialog box appears.
Highlight a parameter in the Parameter Fields list.
Assign a value by typing into the Discrete Value box and
then click OK.
You are returned to the Database Expert.
Click OK and create your report using the fields in the
stored procedure.

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