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how intangible assets are entered in B/s. plz send me the
answer of this question in my

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What is f form and where it is used?

10 Answers   ITW Signode,

Tell me do you possess any knowledge about accounting standards?

0 Answers  

What is basic difference between loan and investment?

2 Answers  

Loss on issue of debentures is treated as ____________. (a) Intangible asset (b) Current asset (c) Current liability (d) Miscellaneous expenditure

2 Answers   CPT,

Assume that the real risk-free rate is 3% and that inflation is expected to be 8% on year 1,5% in year 2,and 4% thereafter.Assume also that all Treasury bonds are highly liquid and free of default risk. If 2-year and 5-year Treasury bonds both yield 10%,calculate the difference in the maturity risk premium on the two bonds.

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Do you know what is balance sheet?

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What is the written of minimum cheque value?

1 Answers  

How can you explain the basic accounting equation?

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usualy what they are expecting source of knowledge while in interview

2 Answers   MAHINDRA,

What is the networth percentage observe by banks

0 Answers  

On January 20x2, the balances of ABC Ltd's provision of doubtful debt account was $1510. During the year, a total of 3750 of account recievable was written of as bad debts. The balance in the provision for doubtful debts account at 31st Dec was 1450. What is the total amount of bad debt recognised this year?

2 Answers  

What is Deferred Asset..?

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