Pass the journal entry: rent outstanding

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why the closing stock arises in the trading account of final accounts

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What do u mean by press releases

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What is the basic difference between bond and debenture? it,s very urgent please guys give me a quick reply

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How use Budget in SAP, i want to see the report of variant between budget and actuals.

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rents part of its building for a monthly fee of $1,250. The rent for the month just past has not been received.

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I have paid an advance for a supplier against delivery, Say Rs.500,on 20.2.2010. Later on 3.3.2010, I settle the balance of Rs.1500. How can i account this in tally?

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which are the final entries while closing of books and account at the end of financial year ?

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what is accrual basis of accounting?explain in detail?

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Explain about SEC

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What is LC?

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a.what products does your firm produce? b.what costs are asssigned to the product produced? c.for particular product,what direct materials are used? d.what percentage of total manufactoring costs is direct labor? direct materials?overhead? is overhead assigned to the products? you now use or plane to use an activity_based management system?why or why not?

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