Pass the journal entry: rent outstanding

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what is break even point

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Richman Corporation has 120,000 shares of $5 par value common stock outstanding. It declared a 10% stock dividend on June 1 when the market price per share was $12. The shares were issued on June 30. Instructions: Prepare the necessary entries for the declaration and payment of the stock dividend.

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my company taken a hdfc car loan rs.355493/= but bank received only 347345/= .after received the amount company purchase the car. after that regular emi paid to hdfc bank.

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What is the difference between CASH FLOW and FUND FLOW?

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I want to know service tax applicable on Packers & Movers yes or no

3 Answers   TCS, ITC Infotech,

whatis the meaning of Depreciation? and why it will charge?

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Diff between Net profit & Gross profit?

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What are all the Taxes Available in Accounts Payables

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how much cash transaction to single transport company per day and also per year

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Difference between reserves for bad debts & provision for bad debts.

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{in tally}in inventory info what is (stock group, stock categori, stock item,reorder levels) why we has to prepare them?

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