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What is the master account?

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What is Current Assets minus current Liabilities?

22 Answers   Capital IQ, Core Logic, FIC,

How do you handle rejection?

0 Answers  

what comes under real account?

3 Answers   CS Engineering, SK Accountant,

difference between rent office rent

1 Answers  

If We Paid For Advertising Exp To XYZ Co,which Voucher It Entered?

4 Answers  

which opening balance should be taken after bank reco.

3 Answers  

investment in share in which account

1 Answers  

Why don,t show the Closing stock in Trial Balance.

2 Answers  

What is cash flow and fund flow?

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In the case of stock transfer from one branch to another branch any reverse credit is applicable.

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The purpose of accommodation bill is_______ (a) To finance actual purchase or sale of goods (b) To facilitate trade transmission (c) When both parties are in need of funds (d) None of the above

1 Answers   Infosys,

What is Double Entry System ?

8 Answers