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1. how many papers are there for Oracle HRMS certification,
and what is fees for each paper.
2. can a person pass the paper by reading the related
documention provided by oracle.

3. do anybody have bunch of questons for oracle HRMS and
like to share.

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1. how many papers are there for Oracle HRMS certification, and what is fees for each paper. 2. ..

Answer / karan


I have 14 years into HR Recruitment and very strong knowledge about HR functions.

Kindly suggest if I would pursue a course in Oracle HRMS or will I continue in my Recruitment profession !!

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1. how many papers are there for Oracle HRMS certification, and what is fees for each paper. 2. ..

Answer / srikanth.m

i have 7 yrs of hr experience worked under the streams of
resource management, Recruitment, training, comp and
benefit, policy framing, iso process setting, industry mapping.

I would like to start my ERP Career especially with Oracle
Apps HRMS as a Functional Consultant. Can some one suggest
me or refer me reputed institute in Bangalore or Hyderabad
if you personally know any good one.

You can reach me at 09886179799 or

Note: Iam not looking for any kind of certification purpose.

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