What is Shares Split?

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What is Shares Split?..

Answer / mallesh

share or stock split is nothing but dividing the stock it is
mostly made in case of the company whose share value is
high,the idea behind this is that once the price of the
share is reduced it can be purchased by retail or small
investors and increases the volume of trade

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What is Shares Split?..

Answer / ravi

stock split refers to the increasing no.of out standing
shares by reducing the face value of shares

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What is Shares Split?..

Answer / jeetesh bachawat

reducing the face value of the share (for eg:the face value
of the share is 10 reducing it to 2) tis is known as shares

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What is Shares Split?..

Answer / manoj

share split means reduce the face value of share for
increase the volume in the market and which can also buy by
small invester

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What is Shares Split?..

Answer / sunita

A stock split or stock divide increases or decreases the
number of shares in a public company. The price is adjusted
such that the market capitalization of the company remains
the same after the split, so that dilution does not occur.
Options and warrants are included.

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What is Shares Split?..

Answer / deepak singh

splil of shares basicly done to increase the no. of share
holders and to give a opporchunity to small invester to
invest in big company"s shares but it do not effect the
total capital and the premium value of shares of company.

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What is Shares Split?..

Answer / anitha

Share split is given to the share holder to develop
his business.

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What is Shares Split?..

Answer / sonali

Share split is mainly done for those shares whose market
prices are more but the trading volume is less. Suppose u r
having a share whose mkt value is hundred now it has been
splitted in two means now u r holding two shares of rs 500

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