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What is Networth ?

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What is Networth ?..

Answer / m.s.s.v.sri kumar

It is nothing but net balance between assets and liabilities.

Net worth = Fixed assets (except fictitutious assets)
+Current assets - ( Current liabilities + long term liabilities)

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What is Networth ?..

Answer / mehraj wani

Net Worth is the amount of share capital and Reserves.

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What is Networth ?..

Answer / narayan

Net Worth = Net Assets = Net Equity = Total Assets - Total

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What is Networth ?..

Answer / anjali

Net worth is the value of company
Its calculated by subtracting total liabilities from total
assets.Generally assets are taken at market value and then
we subtract depreciation from it to calculate its value.

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What is Networth ?..

Answer / rahul sharma

is the total assets minus total outside liabilities

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What is Networth ?..

Answer / shweta

networth is the market value of share of any can
be calculate by adding share capital and reserve &surplus.
by multiplying no. of shares by market price of the share
we can calsulate net worth

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