What are the properties of stap aureus?

What are the properties of stap aureus?..

Answer / apoorva

1. They are gram-positive cocci arranged in grape-like clusters, singles, pairs or chains.
2. They are catalase positive and oxidase negative
3. They are non-motile and non-fastidious species
4. On Culture-
- Nutrient agar shows abundant pin-head golden-yellow colonies. This golden yellow pigment is k/a STAPHYLOXANTHIN which is carotenoid in nature.
- 5% sheep blood agar shows beta hemolysis
- On MacConkey agar, we can appreciate pink colonies which means that they are Lactose fermenting).
5. Free coagulase is the most important virulence factor
6. Diseases caused by them can be grouped as
Bullous (SSSS)
cellulitis (inflammation of skin and subcutaneous tissue)
Folliculitis (infection of hair follicles)
Breast abssess(especially-lactating mothers)
Acute osteomyelitis
Infective endocarditis
Nosocomial pneumonia
Surgical site infection
Necrotising pneumonia(by strains producing leucocidins)
Toxin Mediated
SSSS(Staphylococcal scalded skin disease)
TSS (Toxic shock syndrome)
Food poisning

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