How many types is controls is there in Asp.Net?If it means
what are types of custom controls?Explain about user
controls,Web server controls,Hrml server controls?

How many types is controls is there in Asp.Net?If it means what are types of custom controls?Explai..

Answer / sandy

includes a chart of the five types of controls supported in
ASP.NET: HTML controls, HTML server controls, web server
controls, validation controls, and controls created by the
developer. This chapter will discuss this last type of
control, known as custom controls, and a subset of them
called user controls.

Custom controls are compiled controls that act, from the
client's perspective, much like web (ASP) controls. Custom
controls can be created in one of three ways:

By deriving a new custom control from an existing control
(e.g., deriving your own specialized text box from
asp:textbox). This is known as a derived custom control.

By composing a new custom control out of two or more
existing controls. This is known as a composite custom control.

By deriving from the base control class, thus creating a new
custom control from scratch. This is known as a full custom

Of course, all three of these methods, and the three control
types that correspond to them, are variations on the same
theme. We'll consider these custom controls later in this
chapter. The simplest category of custom controls is a
subset called user controls. Microsoft distinguishes user
controls as a special case because they are quite different
from other types of custom controls. In short, user controls
are segments of ASP.NET pages that can be reused from within
other pages. This is similar to "include files" familiar to
ASP developers. However, user controls are far more
powerful. User controls support properties and events, and
thus provide reusable functionality as well as reusable HTML.

User Controls
User controls allow you to save a part of an existing
ASP.NET page and reuse it in many other ASP.NET pages. A
user control is almost identical to a normal .aspx page,
with two differences: the user control has the .ascx
extension rather than .aspx, and it may not have <HTML>,
<Body>, or <Form> tags.

The simplest user control is one that displays HTML only. A
classic example of a simple user control is an HTML page
that displays a copyright notice. Example 14-1 shows the
complete listing for copyright.ascx.

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