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What is the difference between manual payment and quick
payment in payables?

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What is the difference between manual payment and quick payment in payables?..

Answer / chinni

In manual payments it is not possible to calaculate
interest on late payments of the invoices. BUT

In quick payments interest will be calculated automatically.

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What is the difference between manual payment and quick payment in payables?..

Answer / amrita

1> Manual payment cannot be made for Eletronic Payment
Method wheeras in Quick Payment, you can select invoices
having Payment Method as Electronic

2> In case of Manual payment, you an select multiple 'Pay
Alone' invoices whcih is not possible in quick Payment.In
case of Quick Payment, if you select one 'Pay Alone'
invoice, system will not allow you to select any other
invocie.On the other hand, if you select a single invoice
(whcih is not 'Pay Alone') and then try to select other
invoices, the 'Pay Alone' invoices would not appear in the

3> Manual Payments can be recorded against invoice with
supplier site having a 'Hold All Payments' checked whcih is
not possible in case of Quick Payments

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