write a testcase for tea cup?

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Answer / dimanche

tea cup made on material
check company logo on the cup
color of the cup
(measurement size)capacity of the tea cup
easy carrying of tea cup to the users(handle)
it easy washable
if fall in the ground, what happend
weight of tea cup
cost of tea cup
how much of heat can allow
how long the heat can stay
in business, cost of the tea, can measure for the cup
how long can utilise

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Answer / invisible man

one important thing to check in tea cup is:
* whether there is any hole in cup or any leakage in cup.

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Answer / vasu

the cup should cope with the heat of the tea
the cup should have handle so as to easily drink tea
the cup's bottom be like so that we put cup the keep on
the table.

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Answer / ram

whether the cup handle and weight of the cup are proportional so that handle can hold with certain amount of liquid in it

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Answer / svs karthik

step no action required expected actual result
1 see color of cup red red
2 identify the meterial
made up from glass glass pass
3 identify how many hangers
it has to carry 1 1 pass
4 determine the design
hanger s shape s shape pass
5 drop the cup from height to be broken same pass
6 determine logo on cup d symbol same pass

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Answer / subhist

check the cracks in the cup..

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