what test case is written specifically for web applications?

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Answer / dipti

We write following types of test cases for Web based
a.Security: Access control, Authorization, External
Intrusion, virus
b.Performance: Concurrency, Availability, Stress
c.Correctness: Functionality, Messages, Links
d.Compatibility: Browser, OS.
e.Reliability: Consistently correct o/p
f.Data integrity: Data stays is same state, correct data is
g.Usability: Valid images, Understandable messages, Help is
h.Recoverability: Lost connection, Client/Server System

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Answer / jyotivk

We have to write the test for the functionality, security,
performance, and load.

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Answer / nish

Do we also need to Check System ,, End - End testing ,UAT
and user friendly ness ??

Please do let me know .

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Answer / parul

For web application we write test cases for Functionality,
usability, Look and Feel,Performance,Load,Security testing.

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Answer / gyan

We usually write system and functional test case as we
write for other applications. beside that we specifically
write performance test cases for web applications.

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Answer / preeti

we write testcases for Functanility( both +ve and -
ve),UI,security,performance,compatibility related test

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Answer / kalyan singh


(Functional will play key role in web applications)

Functional,integration,retest,Design(alignments),spellings,type of data displaying(suppose id displaying instead of name etc)

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Answer / jony

We write also security and browser compartibiltiy

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Answer / swapna

we need to test

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Answer / krishna

Fwe need to test for functionality test,LSPS test,GUI Test,
Datebase Test,Security Test,Usability Test,Configuration and Compatability test.

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