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For exanple If i transfer money from ICICI to SBI, where is
suspense account created? Explain the money transfer

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What id FDI and FII?

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What is IISC Code?

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What Is Bank? What Are The Types Of Banks?

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Pass the Journal Entry of Debentures Are Issued at Discount?

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what r the top fifty comapnies in nifty and top thirty comapnies in sesex?

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What is brown label atm?

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What do you mean by financial reporting?

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What are the functions of NABARD?

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What is meant by OTC?

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I am BSC(biology) graduate,and MBA(graduate) from Andhra university in 2002 ,i got 58%. after that i got married now i want to do job please suggest how to proceed and suggest me some courses to get grip in Finance, Reference materails how to start my preparation.

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How the IPO price is decided considering the face value of an equity share?

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What is Sub-prime Crisis ?

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