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Use of environment variables?

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Use of environment variables?..

Answer / hariprasad reddy

The variables declared in Action1, we cannot able to use
them in Action2. So, using Environment key we can access
any variable in any Actions. These variables are known as
environment variables

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Use of environment variables?..

Answer / dinesh1433

in case of normal variable, it has scope of access within action only in which it is defined,now if a user wanted to use this varaible in another action then it is not possible.

so Environemnt varibale came into picture, in this case, if the environemnt value is defined at any action at point of time, then this will accessable through out the actions between the script exection,once the execution is stoped then the environment value loses the value assigned to it. it does not carry forward the value.

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Use of environment variables?..

Answer / jayadev acharam

Environment values can be used in any Action of ur script,
those act as Global Variables

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Use of environment variables?..

Answer / priya

Environment parameters are especially useful for
localization testing, when you want to test an application
where the user interface strings change, depending on the
selected language. Environment parameters can be used for
testing the same application on different browsers. You can
also vary the input values for each language by selecting a
different Data Table file each time you run the test.
You can also create environment output values, which
retrieve values during the test run and output them to
internal environment variable parameters for use in your

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