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what are the design objects in qtp

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what are the design objects in qtp..

Answer / uday kumar_anem

As per my knowlege, there are only two types of objects:
1. Test Objects
2. Run-time object

I neven heard about design object

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what are the design objects in qtp..

Answer / sudeepthz

Could some one help with the answer.. its the first time i
heard the Design object .. do we really have the design
object in QTP as per my knowledge there are only two types
of objects..

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what are the design objects in qtp..

Answer / srinivas

The design objects comes into picture when we deal with
data objects.The Excel sheet which comes when we click the
datatable in views menu, where we can import or export or
we can create our own table in columns which we cannot do
with excel sheet i.e renaming of first column in excel
sheet but here we can rename the first column by double
clicking thespecified column.

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