Can anybody send me the code to get the RO property of the
active screen in QTP while running?

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Answer / anilkumar b j

Yes,We can get the active window name.
Var = Window("ForeGround:=True").GetROProperty("Title")
Msgbox Var

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Answer / kavitha

msgbox a

like u write the script...give browser
name ,pagename,buttonname...the value go a in run time
msgbox give the value
suppose in text box run time value is
msgbox dispaly

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Answer / kannan

thanks kavitha but again this is not the answer which i
need. see i dont know the what the browser name or page
name or any other properties. i just know the link name
which is in a website and when i cilck that particular
link a new page is opening and i dont know any properties
of the page like browser name,page name or anything.... i
need to QTP to find the particular active page properties
by itself during runtime

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Answer / shiva

Hi, You can get the Runtime object properties of the window
through object spy option in the tool.Follow below
Toos--->Object spy--->Click on hand icon--->Show the widow
or your object--->You will get Runtime and Test object
properties.Check the radio button which ever you want and
click on the properties and methods buttons below it.

By doing so you can get the Runtime object properties.

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Answer / dip

Yes,We can get the active window name.
Var = Window("ForeGround:=True").GetROProperty("Title")
Msgbox Var

Seams like this is execuitable.

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Answer / tk

Hi Kannam

were you able to get what ua re looking for .I would
apprictiate any insghts into this .I am workimg with a .net
application and want to handle a window that comes up when
i click on a perticular link and the window name and its
properties can be totally different.

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Answer / kannan


Thanks for your response but i believe you havent
understand my question clearly.what i want is the code to
get the current active window's RO property.
for example, clicking a particular link in a webpage will
open a new window and i want to get the properties of that
window like name,title,hwnd but the problem is i dont know
any properties of that window till it open.

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Answer / shaik

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Answer / xyz

Get Ro property(object name)

we can not change the runtime propety but we can replace
one object in place of other

Get Ro property (" text element")
webelement()object.text element = "XYZ"

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