Recovery Manager means..?

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Recovery Manager means..?..

Answer / uday kumar_anem

Recovery Scenario Manage is a wizard that enable us to
create and edit recovery files, and create and manage
recovery scenarios.
The Recovery Scenario Manager dialog box displays the name
of the currently open recovery file, a list of the scenario
(s) saved in the recovery file, and a description of each

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Recovery Manager means..?..

Answer / naren

It provides a wizard that guides through the process of
defining a recovery scenario. Here recovery scenario is a
definition of an unexpected event and the operation(s)
necessary to recovery the test run.

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Recovery Manager means..?..

Answer / ashok

it is a situation the tool it self recover when there is a
problem araises ,that means if any prob occur ie any
unwanted windoww,object crash,or application error the tool
itself recover and execute the ramaining functionality
properly with raising some trigger events

there are mainly 4 types

1/popup window
object state,
application crach,
error in msg

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Recovery Manager means..?..

Answer / haribabu

while running the script the application guide proper error
or suggition massages to recovry from that massages by
using recovery manager

we are using 4 type recovery managers
1.pop up window
2.object state
3.application crash
4.test run error

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