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In Test Director , You can store Test cases or vb Script
. Why we need VSS?

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In Test Director , You can store Test cases or vb Script . Why we need VSS?..

Answer / pradeep

u need an add in i guess ...MS VS Ver Ctrl Add-in enables
you to create a version control project in TestDirector.
You can update and revise your manual, WinRunner, QuickTest
Professional, Astra QuickTest, or VAPI-XP tests, while
maintaining previous versions of each test. This allows you
to keep track of the changes made to each test in your
TestDirector project, see how and when a test was modified,
or return to a previous version of the test.

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In Test Director , You can store Test cases or vb Script . Why we need VSS?..

Answer / srivally

VSS is configuration management tool and meant for total
project. But Test director is different. By using this we
can manage testing part only, not all project related

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