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what is

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what is

Answer / mithun

ADO.NET provides access to data sources such as SQL. The application can use to connect to data sources to retrieve, manipulate and update data.

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what is

Answer / s.balakrishna is collection of managed providers that provides
communication to the application with the datasources.

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what is

Answer / archana means Activex Data Object. provides the activ coonectivity with the database
at runtime. We can do the operations which are related to
the database..

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what is

Answer / rajesh

It is a part of the base class library that is included
with the Microsoft .NET Framework. It is commonly used by
programmers to access and modify data stored in relational
database systems, though it can also access data in non-
relational sources

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what is

Answer / narra.rajeevreddy is one of the nativedriver in .net. is the set of classes that expose data access
service to .net programmer

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what is

Answer / neha

ADO.NET is the technology that is used to access the
database from the .NET platform.

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