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Why testing Web Applications is different?

Why testing Web Applications is different?..

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Testing web applications is different because of many
factors scenarios affecting the performance and user
Web applications can typically cater to a large and a
diverse audience. Web Applications can also be exposed to
wide range of security threats. Web applications may open
up illegal points of entry to the databases and other
systems holding sensitive information.

To ensure that the web application works reliably and
correctly under different situations these factors need to
be accounted for and tested.

Hence a lot of effort needs to put in for Test Planning and
Test Design.
Test Cases should be written covering the different
scenarios not only of functional usage but also technical
considerations such as Network speeds, Screen Resolution,

For example an application may work fine on Broad Band
internet users but may perform miserably for users with
dial up internet connections.
Web Applications are known to give errors on slow networks,
whereas they perform well on high speed connections.
Web pages don’t render correctly for certain situations but
work okay with others.

Images may take longer to download for slower networks and
the end user perception of the application may not be good.

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