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what is sanity testing and smoke testing?

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what is sanity testing and smoke testing?..

Answer /


Smoke Test:

When a build is received, a smoke test is run to ascertain
if the build is stable and it can be considered for further
testing. Smoke testing can be done for testing the
stability of any interim build. Smoke testing can be
executed for platform qualification tests.

Sanity testing:

Once a new build is obtained with minor revisions, instead
of doing a through regression, sanity is performed so as to
ascertain the build has indeed rectified the issues and no
further issue has been introduced by the fixes. Its
generally a subset of regression testing and a group of
test cases are executed that are related with the changes
made to the app.

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what is sanity testing and smoke testing?..

Answer / shwetali

smoke testing : it is used to verify the basic functionality to start further testing(done @ initial level)
sanity testing : it is part of regression testing to verify the basic functionality(done @ end level)

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what is sanity testing and smoke testing?..

Answer / n@n!

sanity testing:
it is initial stage of testing after build release is
called sanity testing
in sanity tetsing test engineer can test the
installation,connection between front end and back end and
connection of all pages is called sanity testing

smoke testng:
it is the final stage of software testing.after smoke
testing is completed the application is ready for usage.

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