How will you link the Defect to the Test case? Explain Bug
life cycle ?

How will you link the Defect to the Test case? Explain Bug life cycle ?..

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Requirement Traceability Matrix is able to link the
Defect to Test Case.

Bug life cycle:
1) New:When QA files new bug.

2) Deferred: If the bug is not related to current build or
can not be fixed in this release or bug is not important to
fix immediately then the project manager can set the bug
status as deferred.

3) Assigned: ‘Assigned to’ field is set by project lead or
manager and assigns bug to developer.

4) Resolved/Fixed: When developer makes necessary code
changes and verifies the changes then he/she can make bug
status as ‘Fixed’ and the bug is passed to testing team.

5) Could not reproduce: If developer is not able to
reproduce the bug by the steps given in bug report by QA
then developer can mark the bug as ‘CNR’. QA needs action
to check if bug is reproduced and can assign to developer
with detailed reproducing steps.

6) Need more information: If developer is not clear about
the bug reproduce steps provided by QA to reproduce the
bug, then he/she can mark it as “Need more information’. In
this case QA needs to add detailed reproducing steps and
assign bug back to dev for fix.

7) Reopen: If QA is not satisfy with the fix and if bug is
still reproducible even after fix then QA can mark it
as ‘Reopen’ so that developer can take appropriate action.

8 ) Closed: If bug is verified by the QA team and if the
fix is ok and problem is solved then QA can mark bug
as ‘Closed’.

9) Rejected/Invalid: Some times developer or team lead can
mark the bug as Rejected or invalid if the system is
working according to specifications and bug is just due to
some misinterpretation.


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