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Please tell how to write system test cases for between
two modules. please ans real time expirience people...

thanks in advance..

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1.What is bidirectional traceability ??? and how it is implemented? 2.What is Automation Test frame work ? 3. Define the components present in test strategy? 4. Define the components present in test plan? 5. Have u written Test plan ?…. thank u!plz reply........

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What is Test data ?Whrere we are using this in testing process? what are the importance of this data?

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Hierarchy of Regression Testing?

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What metrics will be collected during the Testing i.e from requirement Phase to Maintainance Phase

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what is equivalence boundary

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An employee table, with the columns id, name, sal and dob.Query to select emp names of all highest salaries(there are 4-5 people having the same salary which happens to be the highest).

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How to overcome pesticide paradox?

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What is the difference between low and high level test cases? examples please..

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What are parametere require for Performance testing?

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What is performance Testing and Regression Testing?

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What certifications are available in testing?

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