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Write a test case for a chair to check whether it will last
for next 10 years and check the quality of the chair and
it’s durability.

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Write a test case for a chair to check whether it will last for next 10 years and check the quality..

Answer / digvijay

1: Check the legs are of same size or not.
2: Check the material color/ strength. ( check its reaction
on various liquid , heat , cold whether it molds in low
heat. etc)
3: Check by sitting on it and check whether its comfortable
or not.
4: Check arms of chairs are at proper height or not.
5: Check how much load it can take.

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Write a test case for a chair to check whether it will last for next 10 years and check the quality..

Answer / shweta

1:Check whether it has wheels or not
2:Check whether it is easily movable or not

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Write a test case for a chair to check whether it will last for next 10 years and check the quality..

Answer / sairam

To Answer this question we need to know if the chair under test is new one or old one.

For new one,

Make of the chair(Wood or plastic)
Quality of the raw material(Strong or week)
If the handles and legs are properly bound with chair( ie if joints are strong)
Can it withstand normal weight of a person?
Compare with previous history on how long similar chairs were lasting
Reaction on the chair if it falls off the ground.
Maximum height from which the chair falls and still doesn't get damaged

For old one,

In addition to above tests we need to check,

How old the chair is?
How much maximum weigh did the chair withstand before?

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Write a test case for a chair to check whether it will last for next 10 years and check the quality..

Answer / kgb

1. Test the chair contain four legs or not.
2. Test the color of the chair.
3. Test the plastic whatever the company used is good or not.
4. Test the company logo in the chair weather its shows or not.
5. Test the chair contain cushon or not.

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