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Explain the acceptance testing?

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what are the inputs required for writing test cases

2 Answers   Satyam,

how to write test cases for testing databases,especially for testing and writing test cases for stored procedures.any real time database testers.please answer me. some real time database tester please answer my question as soon as need is such that. else mail answer at

1 Answers  

What is test cases for mobile phone ?

0 Answers  

Write a test case for a chair to check whether it will last for next 10 years and check the quality of the chair and it’s durability.

4 Answers  

Which of the following defines the expected results of a test? Test case specification or test design specification.

0 Answers  

i was asked to generate test data for a equlateral triangle,please any one explain how to do & what are the process.

5 Answers   AZTEC,

For how many days (or) weeks you will test a product or software?

0 Answers  

Write 5 best test cases for : Blog,Join now(button)(social networking site,community site)

1 Answers  

Why does the boundary value analysis provide good test cases?

0 Answers  

write the test cases for pen

13 Answers   GE, NEDA,

While writting Test Cases test testers have to write what test inputs/data he/she is going to use

2 Answers  

how to write test cases for the example state name starts with A B C D E F G H I J K L Z

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