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oracle pl/sql

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KANBAY PLACEMENT PAPERS -------- Placement Paper 1

2 Answers   Kanbay,

exl paper of interview for backend depertment.

2 Answers   EXL, HDFC, Manish Pharma,

Convergys Lucknow Campus Placement Paper on 12/05/07

2 Answers   Convergys,

Persistent Placement Paper (Dec 2 2010)

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isro papers

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1 Answers   TCS,

PPC Core User in SAP

2 Answers   Jindal,

CMC placement papers ------- placement paper 1

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convergys placement papers

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Broadcom placement papers

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what is karebros ?

1 Answers  

Why main steel is to be reinforced in shorter direction in case of slam?

1 Answers