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HPCL Interview Questions
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Queries for Big4 Articleship : Whether son of CA in practice effects chances.


what do you know about our company?

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This job is very fast paced and requires dealing with many constituents, lobbyists, and information contacts. How many calls and contacts do you think the office handles on an average day? How many contacts could you handle in a single day?

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How do you measure g's?

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Troubleshoot to the device level basic process control systems given the Process and Instrumentation Diagram?

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Why should a software tester have knowledge of PHP language?

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What is are the main terms in Unit Operations? and what is its charecteristics?

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What are the affinity laws associated with dynamics pumps?

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Is there a simple method to measure the horsepower of a small motor (1-3 hp) for a non-technical person?

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How is petroleum manufactured?

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Placement paper for HPCL Engineering trainee

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hello,could any one send previous quetions asked in HPCL written exam

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Q1: What is RAS ? is RAS and VPN the same ? Q2: How do i determine that my computer is connected to the right network and is getting a valid ip ?

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can i get hpcl placement papers urgent

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HPCL Interview Questions

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