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Please send the questions asked at HLL??

Please send the questions asked at HLL??..

Answer / hbl.patil

PLease send the questions asked at HLL

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how to delete four out of five duplicate records in a table using sql

0 Answers  

SQL How can make delete and insert in one query

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Has anyone attended any interviews in IITs for the positions like Research Associates/Fellowships?

0 Answers  

find the salary of an employee where employee number is known

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how bluetooth works?what is principle behind in it?

2 Answers   TCS,

what are the different types of datasets? what are their characteristics and properties? what are the advantages and disadvantages over others?.

1 Answers   OVGU,

Hii can you help me step by step procedure for transfering data in textfields into sql database .mdf(also help me how to create database .mdf file) file after creating submit button in c#?????

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How to freely move a ball in graphics mode.

0 Answers   Impetus,

What is "strstream" ?

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Hai friends this is Dara s. solanki, i done in B.Sc.(IT) i have an 2.3 years of exp in Manufacturing company in MIS giving support in SAP , 1 year back i did Sap course In MM Module. am trying from the day one to enter into the sap field but i was not.i kindly requesting all, please suggest me how to enter in to the SAP field. Looking for a job . i please help me and having any thing please let me know . i am in bangalore. my mail id is 8431455753

0 Answers   SAP Labs,

1)what is output for the following program. #include<stdio.h> main() { int *p,*q,i; p=(int *)100; q=(int *)200; i=q-p; printf("%d",i); } a)100 b)25 c)0 d)compile error

1 Answers   Infosys,

what is your weaknesses

0 Answers   Genco, TCS,

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