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7. Why AC motors, AC bulbs etc... are donot operated by
DC signals? and
Why DC motors, DC bulbs etc... are donot operated by
AC signals?

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7. Why AC motors, AC bulbs etc... are donot operated by DC signals? and Why DC motors, DC bu..

Answer / subrata

1.due to frequency

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7. Why AC motors, AC bulbs etc... are donot operated by DC signals? and Why DC motors, DC bu..

Answer / shashidhara tm

AC machines require magnetic flux change at designed frequency... In case of India, 50Hz. For example, if no changing flux is given to an induction motor, it won't produce a rotating magnetic flux resultant on the rotor and it won't rotate the rotor. If no alternating voltage is given to a fluorescent lamp, it won't produce high voltage breakdown in the inert gas and emit UV.
But I'm not sure whether a DC motor works or not on AC voltage...

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