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Difference between Functional and System testing?

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Difference between Functional and System testing?..

Answer / e v s prakash

In functioanl testing, only the funcionality of the
application is tested which may be part/specific
functionality or the whole functionality of the
application. In system testing, a full fledged testing can
be done on the application in an environment which
resembles the client environment. The full fledged testing
can include Functional, performance, stress, load and all
other kinds of testing on the application. Hence the System
testing is considered to be an actual full fledged test on
an application rather than functional which concentrates
only on the functionality of an application.

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Difference between Functional and System testing?..

Answer / brahma412

what types of testing do u perform in sys testing?
it means u perform all types of fun testing like gui
testing retestng, regression,smoke,monkey ,end to
end ........ and hardware fun testing like compatibilty
testing , installation testing , port teting.....
do we perform all these types of testing in sys testing?

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