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Want BEL Placement papers

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Want BEL Placement papers..

Answer / pawar rushikesh p

yes Please...,

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Want BEL Placement papers..

Answer / nagesh

hi this is nagesh i need bel interview questions

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my question is : reverse a string in COBOL program (please write a code asap) input file: 1234abcdef output file: 8765_____ abc*$#1___ 1_2_3_4__ cdef____ghi h_k_z_a__ a_z_k_h___ ihg____ghi 4_3_2_1___ 1#$*cba__ ______5678 fedcb4321

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sbi placement paper

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please submit the placement paper

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reliance :ahmedabad 1 Apr 2007 quections(electrical)

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placement paper

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Want BEL Placement papers

2 Answers   BEL,