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who is the fhater of chemistry?

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who is the fhater of chemistry?..

Answer / samba,jujjuri

Because,he defined-lawofchemicalreaction

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who is the fhater of chemistry?..

Answer / navn305


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who is the fhater of chemistry?..

Answer / aezee

Jabar Bin Hayan is known as the Father of Chemistry. He was the student of imam Jafar Sadiq, who was a well known chemist of his times. Jabar Bin Hayan modified the Greek's concepts of elements. He gave the metallic concepts of Sulphur and Mercury. According to him the difference in metals is due to the amount of Sulphur and Mercury present in them. He gave the concepts of Geological Formation of metals. He introduced new modes of practical Chemistry. He explained Reduction Scientifically. He improved the methods of Evaporation , Melting , Sublimation , Distillation and Crystallization.He extracted Antimony and Arsenic from their sulphides.

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who is the fhater of chemistry?..

Answer / monir

jhon dalton

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who is the fhater of chemistry?..

Answer / shashi


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