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im sonia ks,we got married on nov, husband is
working for mnc in bangalore,n now company is sending him
to work in us for 6 months on l1 visa,this is third time he
is going on l1 visa,im also planning to go with him.please
somebody send me how to proceed?should i have to add my
husband name to my passport,n wat type of questions do they
ask in interview at embassy?

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Why did you not come with your husband for the interview?

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Where will you stay in USA?

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I am on social security disability in the US. Will a K3 Visa be approved to bring my wife to the US? My social security income is above the income requirements for myself and my wife and I would not need the I-864.

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My husband may have to have waiver after his interview how long does that take??

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Have your spouse applied for green card?

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we both 2nd marriage persons and my husband is citizen in us last 10yrs,when we apply for spouse visa how many months take to go and what are the questions they ask me and i am not fluvent in english ,can i use my monther tounge malayalam?and my first marriage children also with me.later i can take with them na?and my passport and sslc boo ther is my mother name asha,and here real name is can i change the name?if she came to us is it difficut to get her visa due to name change in my passport thank u annu

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Can I have a look at your spouse's bank statements?

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How much he is earning or what is the pay of your spouse or what is the annual income of your spouse?

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Can you please show me your tax returns, bank statements, play slips, etc.?

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Where are his clients located?

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Who is sponsoring in your husbands H1?

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i was reading a post and was wondering what is the income that one needs to support a alien wife

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