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Can anybody explain breifly about 5 tier's of BOXIR3.
1. Client tier
2. Application Tier
3. Intelligence Tier
4. Processing Tier
5. Data Tier

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Can anybody explain breifly about 5 tier's of BOXIR3. 1. Client tier 2. Application Tier 3. ..

Answer / tb

We have five tiers in BOXI

1.Client Tier

The client tier is the only part of the BusinessObjects
Enterprise system that administrators and end users
interact with directly. This tier is made up of the
applications that enable people to administer, publish, and
view reports and other objects

2.Application tier

The application tier hosts the server-side components that
process requests from the client tier as well as the
components that communicate these requests to the
appropriate server in the intelligence tier

3.Intelligence Tier

The intelligence tier manages the BusinessObjects
Enterprise system. It maintains all of the security
information, sends requests to the appropriate servers,
audit information, and stores report instances

4.Processing tier

The processing tier accesses the data and generates the
reports. It is the only tier that interacts directly with
the databases that contain the report data

5.Data Tier

The data tier is made up of the databases that contain the
data used in the reports. BusinessObjects Enterprise
supports a wide range of corporate databases

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Can anybody explain breifly about 5 tier's of BOXIR3. 1. Client tier 2. Application Tier 3. ..

Answer / rafee

BO Architecture It contains Mainly 5 Tiers
Here BO Supprting Two Types Of Applications.a)web Based EX: CMC,JAVA INFOVIEW 2)window Based EX: CCM,Designer
2)Application Tier:

Her BO Supports Two Types Of Plateforms 1)Java 2) >NET
3)Intelligence Tier:

Intelligence Tier Contains Mainly 4 Servers
a)CMC: It Is Heart Of BO.And It Is Used For Maintaining All EnterPrice Bo servers.And it supports Request And Response Of The Server Status.
B)Cache server:
It is used for the Last Execution Result Are Store Into Chche Server. And It Is used for To Improve The ReportPerformence

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