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Difference between ps, esds

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Difference between ps, esds..

Answer / vs kumar

PS Stands for Physical sequential dataset. ESDS stands for
Entry sequenced dataset and its VSAM dataset.
In ESDS records are processed one at a time in order which
they have loaded.

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Difference between ps, esds..

Answer / suersh ramaiyan

Vs Kumar is correct. But he forget to mention one thing.

PS files is accessed normally whereas ESDS is access through
the VSAM (Virtual Storage Access Method). VSAM is not a file,
It just a method or process that How to access the file.

Actually, PS and ESDS are same in the functionality wise.
But it is different as the access method used. ESDS will be fast access-able.

Please correct me, if I'm wrong.

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Difference between ps, esds..

Answer / lu

PS = physical file, flat file
1) you can backup on tape...
esds = vsam file, u define by IDCAMS
1) you can't backup on tape...
there are many differences vsam book to know ...

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