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book building

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book building..

Answer / uday

Book building refers to the process of generating, capturing
and recording investor demand for shares during an IPO (or
other securities during their issuance process) in order to
support efficient price discovery. Usually, the issuer
appoints a major investment bank to act as a major
securities underwriter or book runner. The “book” is the
off-market collation of investor demand by the book runner
and is confidential to the bookrunner, issuer and underwriter.

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book building..

Answer / bskbandari

book building is price earning mechanism in ipo initial
public offer

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book building..

Answer / anilkumar

The process of determining the price at which an Initial
Public Offering will be offered. The book is filled with the
prices that investors indicate they are willing to pay per
share, and when the book is closed, the issue price is
determined by an underwriter by analyzing these values.

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book building..

Answer / antra

It is a process wherein the issue price of a security is determined by the demand and supply forces in the capital market.
the procedure is-
the issuing company appoints a banker who in turn procure bids from the clients for the given security. After this,they analyse the demand of security at different price levels. Then the security is issued at the price level which had maximum bids or at the weighted average price level of all offers received.

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book building..

Answer / yash

Book Building is basically a capital issuance process used
in Initial Public Offer (IPO)

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book building..

Answer / kumar

book building is process of seeking bids from investors to
fix the shre price

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book building..

Answer / maheshwar

Book building is a process used in ipo for efficient price is a mechanism where during the period for
which ipo is open ,bids are collected from investors at
various prices which are equal or above the floor price.the
issue price is determined after the bid closing date.

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book building..

Answer / lipsa pati

It is the process of forecasting demand, determining price
and ascertaining quantity of share to be released to the
market through IPO issue process.

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