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different between strainer & filter?

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different between strainer & filter?..

Answer / om

The function of both of them is same and used in
conjuction with the pump. The main difference is being that
strainer cleans the liquid to be pumped before it is sucked
so the pump impeller is not affected by the foriegn
particle. while filter filters the liquid after its

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different between strainer & filter?..

Answer / ramzan

Straners are used to seperate large particle to take
suction by the pump so that pump impeller is not
effected.But Filters are used to seperate very small
particle which can not sent the forign particle to the
moving parts.

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different between strainer & filter?..

Answer / las

Filter is a Per protection for the pump & as the above they
said it's fillter the floating partical too..,As same as
the Strainer can also do the same function.But after the
pump we are using the stainer only due to avoiding the flow
loss.The stainer is always using after the pump only in

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different between strainer & filter?..

Answer / ranjeet

fillters are used to saperate small partical & strainers
are used to saperate large quantati & partical

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different between strainer & filter?..

Answer / naresh

Filter are used to seperate the bigger particles and
Strainer is used to seperate the very small particles

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