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I have prepared A Dynamic website in with c# and
using Ms Sql server 2005 as backend database.i am facing
problem while uploading this site on my FTP address it is
not accessing the database.please could u tell me how cn i
upload Sqlserver database on the web and what would be the
connection string...???? I am using Server=".";initial
catalog=databasename;persist security info=false;integrated
security=SSPI;...pleas help me... Thanks in Advance..

I have prepared A Dynamic website in with c# and using Ms Sql server 2005 as backend datab..

Answer / article

if ur use sqlserver sql Auth.
The connection String min attribut like that
<add name="ConnStr" connectionString="Data
Source=Datasourcename;Initial Catalog=DB Name;Max Pool
Size=Integer;Min Pool
ID=URuserid;Password=URpwd;" />

Prasanta Kumar Pradhan

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