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sir,i am computer science graduate.i want to do my masters
in usa.i score 810 marks in gre and 80 in there
any universities which accept my scores?my aggregate is
62%.will there b any problem for me during visa
interview.plz get me the rite answer sir.i am waiting for

sir,i am computer science graduate.i want to do my masters in usa.i score 810 marks in gre and 80 ..

Answer / saurabh

Good day!
I think there is no problem at all for visa interview.
But the point is that you should get I-20 from your desired
After getting I 20 no body will ask you why you have low scores?
adding to it > Getting I20 doesnt assure that u ll get visa.
You should meet their requirements very well.
so keep your good work up & pray to god You ll get it.

Good Luck

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